The Liberpee pee funnel is for all women!

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You can buy the Liberpee pee funnel in our webshop. Liberpee is the most widely used pee funnel worldwide. And is used by girls and women from 4 to 100 years old. Thanks to Liberpee, they can do their business while standing up, wherever and whenever they want. Due to the anatomical design, Liberpee is super-convenient to use and prevents mess. All plastic pee funnels are made of very high density polyethylene plastic. This allows you to shake the funnel dry after use and no drops are left behind. You can therefore immediately put it back into the storage pouch and take it with you for the next use.

No (clean) toilet?

A long queue in front of the toilet? No toilet nearby? Or just a dirty toilet or a not too fresh Dixi? Don’t hold your water. This causes painful bladder problems, such as cystitis and kidney diseases. The Liberpee pee funnels are lightweight and compact. Make sure you always have one in your bag and one in your car. This way you avoid high urgency and bladder problems.

Choose your favourite colour above. And buy your urinal quickly online. Like thousands of other women around the world, you won’t be able to do without it any time soon.