Liberpee is the reusable pee funnel with which women can do their business easily, discretely and hygienically while standing up.

Liberpee is easy peasy in use:

Doing your business with Liberpee in five steps:

01 Unbutton your trousers and slide your underwear to the side. Place the Liberpee pee funnel with the narrow part facing forward. Keep it pointed slightly downward. Keep your legs closed during use.

02 Press the top of the pee funnel well. So nothing can run past it. Relax… and do you business!

03 The handy edge at the top helps you to easily wipe yourself dry. You don’t need any toilet paper!

04 Shake your Liberpee dry. Due to the use of high-quality plastic, no moisture will stay behind on the pee funnel.

05 Put it back in the waterproof pouch. The storage pouch is waterproof and is washable in the washing machine. Done!

Doing your business with Liberpee while sitting:

01 Slide forward and place Liberpee with the narrow part facing forward and slightly downward.

02 Now follow steps 3, 4 and 5 of the above instruction.

“The first time will be a little awkward, but once you get used to it, you won’t want anything else!”

Clean and hygienic

Liberpee is made of very high-density polymers. This means that no residues and smells stay behind and bacteria cannot attach themselves. No matter how often you use the Liberpee pee funnel, it remains clean and hygienic! Sterilising Liberpee? This can be done easily by placing it in boiling water for a few minutes. The material is kind to your skin and the patented design makes Liberpee easy to place and fits perfectly where needed.

Take Liberpee everywhere

You know the situation: you really need to do your business but the toilet is filthy. Or worse, not within reach at all. What do you do then? Hang out over a dirty toilet? With the chance of slipping and ending up in unhygienic squalor? Or squat in the bushes? We all know how badly that can go wrong! Take your Liberpee urinal with you when you travel, when camping, in the woods, when hiking, on the train, in the car on the way, at a festival, or wherever the toilet is dirty – Liberpee is your knight in shining armour!

Use your Liberpee also for easy filling of urine jars and urine samples.