White Liberpee pee funnel – incl. storage pouch


When the need is high, this white pee funnel offers a solution anytime, anywhere. Liberpee is a reusable pee funnel that allows women to pee while standing up easily.

  • For girls and women from 4 years and up
  • Light weight and super hygienic
  • For hygienic reasons the funnels can’t be returned
  • Free delivery for orders over € 50 within the Netherlands
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It is used by women and girls worldwide. Liberpee is the solution for women when no toilet is nearby. Frequent situations for use are: when traveling, during festivals, on the road or during outdoor sports (think of cycling, running, sailing, etc.) You can do your business while standing up without having to pull down your trousers. So you do your business very discreetly without having to worry about anyone seeing your bottom.This white pee funnel can also be used in a seated position. For example, when you are in a wheelchair or due to a medical operation it is difficult or impossible to sit down to go to the toilet.

Put it back into the free storage pouch

After use, clean your Liberpee by wiping it with a piece of toilet paper. Or rinse it under the water tap. But the best way is: to shake it dry. The pee funnel is made of qualitative highly densed polyethylene plastic. When shaking it a few times, all the moist that had stayed behind, automatically falls and no drip is left. Then put it into the freely included waterproof and washable storage pouch.

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194 × 44 × 45 mm


24 grams (pouch 5 grams)