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What is Liberpee?

Liberpee is a pee funnel and helps us, women, to pee while standing up. Practical when no (clean) toilet is nearby! Take the Liberpee along on holidays, during hikes or sport, to a festival or on your way in the car. With Liberpee in your bag by default, a call of nature won’t cause you any problem anymore.

Also for women with (temporary) physical restrictions, Liberpee is an outcome. Because you simply can keep your trousers on while using the Liberpee pee funnel. From a wheelchair, Liberpee is also easy peasy, hygienic and discrete in use. Liberpee is suitable for women of all ages: from toddler to centenarian!

Liberpee is your knight in shining armour!

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Do you also get so excited with Liberpee? We certainly do! Because it is our mission to normalise to enable women doing their business while standing up just as much as it is for men. Because it has its advantages. Especially when no clean toilet is nearby!

Our mission is to remove the taboo surrounding calls of nature. After all, we all do it every day! And we want to make it possible for women too to do their business while standing up, easily and discreetly, in the event of an emergency.

Liberpee – for women, by women


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