Green Liberpee pee funnel – incl. storage pouch


Doing your business while standing up will be child’s play with this green pee funnel. Liberpee pee funnels are reusable. This is why green is a very suitable colour for this practical product. It is an environment friendly and endurable alternative for the disposable pee funnels.

  • For girls and women from 4 years and up
  • Light weight and super hygienic
  • For hygienic reasons the funnels can’t be returned
  • Free delivery for orders over € 50 within the Netherlands
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Liberpee has been designed by women. This is reflected in the anatomical design which perfectly fits. With this green pee funnel you don’t need to pull your trousers down and no-one will see your bottom. You can do your business and hygienically while standing up.

Free waterproof storage pouch

After use, you clean the pee funnel with a piece of toilet paper, or you rinse it with water. You might also shake your Liberpee dry. Thanks to the water resistant and high quality of the plastic, no drips will stay behind. We recommend this type of environment friendly cleaning, because less water is needed and you save on the use of toilet paper.

After that, put it in the matching storage pouch and you’ll be ready for the next situation without a (clean) toilet!

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194 × 44 × 45 mm


24 grams (pouch 5 grams)