Black Liberpee pee funnel – Incl. storage pouch


With this reusable black pee funnel, we women conquer dirty toilets! Thanks to Liberpee, you can pee while standing and no longer have to touch a dirty toilet.

  • For girls and women from 4 years and up
  • Light weight and super hygienic
  • For hygienic reasons the funnels can’t be returned
  • Free delivery for orders over € 50 within the Netherlands
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The Liberpee offers a solution even when there is no toilet nearby. With Liberpee, you can discreetly and comfortably pee while standing anywhere. Women all over the world are already fans. They use our pee funnel while on vacation, at festivals, on the go, and in any other situation without a (clean) toilet. You don’t need to pull your pants down, making it a very discreet way to pee.

Free Storage Bag

The Liberpee comes with a washable and waterproof storage bag. Liberpee is water-repellent, and you can easily shake it dry after use. No moisture remains after use. Store your pee funnel in the bag and put it back in your bag. This way, it’s ready for the next situation without a toilet.

Additional information


194 × 44 × 45 mm


24 grams (pouch 5 grams)





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