Hola chicas!

We, Yesenia and Gabriëla, mother and daughter on a mission! We want to make doing your business while standing up as normal for women as it is for men. Because doing your business standing up is extremely practical for women. Thanks to the Liberpee pee funnel, you can do your business anywhere and anytime. Even when there is no (clean) toilet nearby. This prevents high urgency and bladder problems.

High needs and bladder problems

Yesenia started with Liberpee a few years ago. After a long search for a practical and hygienic pee funnel, peeing trough, peeing tube or at least something that would allow her daughter to spend a penny easily while standing.

Peeing with Liberpee is fun!

Gabriëla – 7 years old

“My daughter Gabriela’s school had burnt down and, as a temporary solution, two schools were combined in an emergency building. With so many children in one building, the toilets were far from clean. As a result, Gabriëla did not want to go to the toilet there and held her water all day until she came home. When she got a bladder infection for the third time because of this, I was fed up with it. There has to be something that allows girls and ladies to do their business in a standing position!”

“We tried all kinds of things. A paper pee funnel, but it hurt and could only be used once. And the silicone pee funnels were hard to clean, didn’t always fit properly and you still had to pull your pants down. That’s why Yesenia started with Liberpee. Gabirëla was hooked straight away! “Peeing with Liberpee is fun,” she said happily. Since then, she has taken Liberpee everywhere with her: to school, on holidays, on school trips, on four-day marches – she can forget anything, but her Liberpee always goes with her!

Liberpee is your lifesavior

Our mission is to remove the taboo surrounding calls of nature. After all, we all do it every day! And we want to make it possible for women too to do their business while standing up, easily and discreetly, in the event of an emergency.

Amiga, don’t let anything stop you!


Liberpee – for women, by women